Do you know the future needs and ideas for storing data in your company? Have you ever heard of a Dresden-based startup constructing large-scale equipment that makes its customers’ components more energy-efficient? What future do crypto currencies vs. cash have? What possibilities and limits does A.I. have for human resources? And who produces cleanroom-compatible seat cushions? These and many other questions are answered in the second issue of my Cleanroom Future magazine and in my network platform www.cleanroomfuture.com!

Is eCommerce really the only business for successful, young CEOs? By far no – as the Dresden-based start-up HZDR Innovation GmbH shows. The spin-off of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf is one of three worldwide commercial providers of an ion implantation cannon. The company develops products into marketable small series and grants licenses. The CEO was over 60 when the company was founded. The full story can be found in the second issue of my Cleanroom Future Magazine here.

Is your company well positioned in data storage? What tools do you need to make the most of your opportunities and avoid risks? Twelve pages of my new Cleanroom Future magazine deal with these questions (and surprising answers). We ourselves were also amazed by the latest technical possibilities during our research! Read the results and an exciting interview with a cloud expert here.

Will robots be the better personnel in the future? To what extent can artificial intelligence judge human qualities? How big is its potential to play a decisive role in the selection and development of our employees and industry colleagues in the future? You will find a (perhaps reassuring) snapshot of this discussion in the new second issue of my Cleanroom Future magazine here.

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